Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The lady doth protest too much

Those of us who seek justice and wish for the other side of the Trump/Russia collusion hoax to be told eagerly await Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report. I hope we will not be disappointed. If the pre-release hysteria from some of the principals involved is any indication, we won’t.

Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer and married mother of two young children, carried on an unforgivable extramarital affair with then-FBI special agent Peter Strzok. With the help of the willing accomplices at The Daily Beast, Page is attempting to portray herself as just another victim of President Trump’s misogyny. He hates women so much, they’ll have you believe, that he would continually attack a veteran FBI lawyer who was just doing her job.

She says the “straw that broke the camel’s back” was when, as she put it, Trump performed a “demeaning” impression of her having sex with her FBI lover. This purportedly happened at a rally in Minneapolis. What Trump was doing was reenacting in breathless dialogue a text message exchange between Strzok and Page in which he assured her Trump would not stay president if he was elected president because Strzok had an “insurance policy.” That “insurance policy” has been widely interpreted as the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. It’s also the subject of a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice.

While Lisa Page was pretending to be righteously indignant, the mainstream media jumped into action to pounce upon Trump and his imagined hatred of women. They lament the fact that he treats women exactly the same as men, which means when a woman attacks him he counter-attacks just as he would if it were a man. This is something feminists have fought for over the last century, yet when Trump dares treat a woman as his equal and not lay down the proverbial jacket so she can cross the mud puddle they come unglued.

That’s not to excuse Trump’s vulgarity. It’s just to point out that he’s equally vulgar with both men and women.

Without getting too excited about the Horowitz report, it should be noted that it is not meant to be the definitive investigation. In fact, it is an independent investigation from the Justice Department itself and will not be nearly as thorough as the one being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham. Supposedly leaked portions of the Horowitz report criticize some FBI employees and their tactics but stop short of agreeing with President Trump that it was a witch hunt concocted to destroy his presidency. We’ll see.

The more important investigation is the Durham inquiry which is much broader in scope. When one pulls out to look at the big picture we may see a coordinated effort by some not only in the FBI but in the CIA to thwart Trump’s efforts to become president and then to bring him down after he wins. That’s purely speculation at this point, but so was the entire Trump/Russia collusion story, yet it was treated as a foregone conclusion by the press.

It seems rather odd to me that someone in so despicable and indefensible a position as Page would now go all out to convince the country that she’s a victim. It could be a clear sign that Durham and the DOJ are over the target. If the next exposé from the Beast is an exculpatory piece on Peter Strzok we can be certain of it.

I’ve been saying the impeachment circus is a preemptive strike on the Durham investigation. Page’s paroxysm is more of the same.

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