Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Kamikaze Congress

It’s become all too apparent that this Democrat-controlled House is so Trump-deranged that they’ll stop at nothing to try and remove the president from office. Democrat House Counsel Douglas Letter recently suggested that if this impeachment fails in the Senate—which it surely will—they may impeach him again. Rep. Al Green also said they would continually impeach until they hound the man out of office.

When Nancy Pelosi and the gang were in charge before I often referred to them as the kamikaze Congress. They knew the American people wouldn’t allow them to remain in power for very long so they were going to try and destroy as much of America as they could while they could.

Looks like the kamikaze Congress is back.

If you believe polls it looks like the tide is starting to turn against them. Even a CNN poll showed more people against removing the president from office than for it. There’s so much that can go wrong for the Democrats between now and November. The impeachment itself can overshadow the Democrat primaries. Key candidates will have to stay in Washington for a ridiculous trial instead of campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire. That leaves Joe Biden virtually all alone on the campaign trail. I’m still convinced he will be their nominee.

If Biden is the man then the timing couldn’t be worse for him and the Democrats. No matter your opinion of Hunter Biden’s deal with the Ukrainian gas company, you have to admit, as they love to say in Washington, the optics don’t look good. At the very least it’s an egregious case of cashing in on your privileged daddy. At worst it’s a full-blown political scandal. Which may be why Pelosi held onto the articles of impeachment. Could she have finally realized that an impeachment trial in which Biden is the centerpiece might backfire?

Meanwhile, Sen. Schumer is insisting that Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton testify. I can’t imagine what they can bring to the table that hasn’t already been revealed in the phone call transcript with the Ukrainian president, but bring it on. I’m one of those who isn’t afraid to see all the evidence. People who don’t want to allow the Democrats to call their witnesses are just as bad as what they’re accusing the Democrats of. If President Trump has done something truly illegal and impeachable then we all need to know it. This is not a time for the Republicans to play politics, too.

In fact, it’s a great time to let the American people see the truth. Once they do it’s probably not going to go well for the Democrats. I don’t want to get overly excited, but if even half the evidence turns out to be true, then the Democrats are in for a bad year. If the Democrats are exonerated in the process then so be it. I honestly think it would be bad for the country if they won the White House, but it would be worse if they lost at the expense of the truth.

The truth is the economy couldn’t get much better. The Saturday before Christmas was the biggest spending day on record. Those who choose to judge Trump in totality by what he tweets are missing out on a great time. Even Pierce Brosnan, former 007 and now an American citizen, has had a change of heart. A year ago he was threatening to leave the country. Now he’s crediting Trump for the good times. In the era of Trump, it’s better to be shaken, not stirred.

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