Wednesday, November 6, 2019

It's time to declare war

I have long advocated that we declare war on drug cartels and gangs. We should be sending these animals to Gitmo now that Obama has emptied it out. If you sat there as I did and watched coverage of the nine American women and children who were butchered by a drug cartel in Mexico you’re probably nodding in agreement. If you’re waiting for the Mexican government to do something about it you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Mexico is a corruptocracy. Yes, that’s my word for it, but it accurately sums it up. Mexico is run by the drug cartels. That’s why the government there has done very little to stem the flow of illegals into this country. The liberals will tell you these are people doing the jobs Americans just won’t do. I will tell you the truth. The truth is we have no way of knowing who’s good and who’s bad. That’s what border checkpoints are for. We have them at every airport. You can’t enter this country without first being checked by a border agent. Why in the world is the Southern border any different? It’s not.

What we just saw in Mexico happens here with regularity. In 2014 a drug cartel hitman confessed to killing 40 people, mostly in California, for hire. There have been beheadings in Arizona, countless gang killings in LA. As much as we like to think this is something that just happens south of the border, it’s here. And it’s been here. And it’s getting worse.

Our open border policy has blurred the lines between a civil society and barbarians. Did you see the way Mexican police cowered in the presence of El Chapo’s son recently? These people are scared to death of the drug cartels, and we should be, too. The only way we’re going to survive is to wipe these people off the face of the earth as we’ve done with ISIS.

It’s almost comical how the hysteria has been over Turkey’s incursions across their border into Syria, but these same people don’t give a damn about the invasion into our own country. Think what you will about the Kurds, we’re abandoning our own people in border towns across the Southwest and in big cities and small hamlets across our own country.

We don’t need a war on drugs. We need a war on drug cartels. And I don’t mean a figurative war or a rhetorical war. I mean bombs. I mean strafing. I mean everything short of boots on the ground. If the Mexican government’s not going to clean up the problem, we should.

We also need the military all across our southern border. A wall would be nice, but it doesn’t look like Congress is going to give Trump the funding anytime soon. He doesn’t need Congress’s approval to put troops on the border.

President Trump has warned us that most of the drugs coming into this country from Mexico aren’t coming through the checkpoints. The idiots at the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets pointed to a Border Patrol report that chronicled the large amounts of drugs being caught at border checkpoints in order to prove him wrong. What they fail to see is the Border Patrol can only report what they catch.

The Border Patrol seizes under 3 tons of heroin per year. Americans use around 22 tons of heroin a year. Where do these people think the rest is coming in from? It’s coming across our open border from drug cartels south of it. And it’s time we did something about it.

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