Friday, June 7, 2019

The Dems are openly fighting over how socialist they are

Who’d a thunk it just a few years ago? Democrats are openly feuding over socialism. The party that has long denied it’s a cover for socialists is now unashamedly run by them. So much so that left-wing kooks like Nancy Pelosi look like centrists by comparison. A couple of prospective Democrat presidential contenders came out against socialism and Medicare For All at the California Democratic Convention. They were roundly booed, one for more than a minute straight. No, this ain’t the party of JFK anymore.

The likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC have taken over the party. No longer is the word ‘socialism’ merely whispered in the corners of Washington cocktail parties, it’s now being debated for all the world to see. There is no longer any denying that the Democrat Party is the party of socialism. The only question is how much? And how far will the next Democrat president take America down that socialist road? Those who dare speak out against it in the party are thrown to the curb.

And the open socialists have now adopted a defiant tactic. If you say you’re opposed to socialism they demand that you don’t like firemen or cops or roads because that’s all socialism. Bull. Not all government services are socialism. The military, for example, is not socialism. It can operate like a dictatorship sometimes, but not socialism.

Allow me to explain this so everyone can understand it. The government is there to do what the private sector won’t, can’t, or shouldn’t do. The private sector, left to its own devices, won’t supply everyone with firemen or cops or build roads everywhere, so the government does that. It doesn’t mean it’s socialism.

The socialists try this little trick to convince you that socialism’s good. It isn't. I read someone’s explanation one time of the difference between socialism and communism. The firing squad. In other words, there ain’t much difference. Socialism is just more polite about how it controls your every move.

But in this day and age of more and more young folks living with their parents for longer, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that socialism is all the rage with the 20-somethings. Instead of mom and dad taking care of you it’s the government. And that’s on us as parents. (And I include myself) We have to do a better job of making our kids independent. If they learn to become independent from us they’re less likely to become dependent on the government. And isn’t that what we truly want for our kids? Is for them to be totally on their own?

You love your kids, right? Loving your kids means you want them to be all they can be. They’ll never reach their full potential as long as they’re dependent on you. Well, the same goes for people dependent on the government. Have you ever met a successful person on welfare? Neither have I. Dependence on the government is the very opposite of success.

If we love our children enough that we don’t want them dependent on us then why is it not the ultimate expression of love to want the same for everyone else’s children? Instinctively we know this, yet we’re browbeat into submission by the socialists that we should somehow take care of everybody. We should only be taking care of those who can’t take of themselves. Everybody else? Get your butts to work. Make something of your lives. You know this to be true because it’s exactly how you treat your own kids.

See, you’re not such a bad person after all.

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