Friday, June 21, 2019

AOC just doesn't get it

One has to wonder how far Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will go in her quest to destroy the status quo in America and replace it with her beloved socialism. The ridiculous attacks are an almost daily occurrence.

One day she blasted Amazon for paying ‘starvation wages.’ The next she accused Donald Trump of setting up ‘concentration camps’ on the border. Both accusations are almost too ridiculous to warrant response, but since she wields a lot of influence on the left, especially with young voters, her ludicrous accusations cannot go unchecked.

As far as the ‘starvation wages’ at Amazon are concerned, that company has bent over backwards to the socialists who demanded a $15 minimum wage. The starting wage at Amazon is now $15. Apparently Fight for $15 was just a rallying cry. It was a first step in dismantling the capitalist companies that didn’t pay up. Now that they have the AOCs of the world moved on to their real target which is to ultimately bankrupt American corporations.

In an opinion piece for Forbes, Ed Rensi, the former CEO of McDonald’s, pointed out how a $15 minimum wage won’t spell the end of companies like McDonald’s. What it will spell the end of is entry-level opportunities for thousands of people. We see that already with Amazon. Higher wages have pushed Amazon to move toward automation for their warehouse jobs. While most of the warehouse work is still done by humans, the company’s director of robotics said full automation is a little more than ten years away. Robots are expensive, but they don’t strike and they don’t complain about a living wage.

AOC and others like her are also the ones ginning up hysteria amongst millennials. They’ve convinced them that no jobs will exist in the near future, that robots will take over everything. A generation that has grown up with gadgets is now going to therapists to deal with their threat. And the threat is coming from the very people they support.

Let’s face it, the fear of becoming obsolete is at least as old as the automobile. While the horse and buggy industry was put virtually out of business the jobs that sprang from the automotive industry far exceeded them. In that sense the socialists may be doing us all a favor. If their goal is to save the ‘working class’ then the immediate effect will be unemployment. Or at least a work force that has to be retrained. All at the government’s expense I’m sure.

The more egregious scare tactic from AOC was her ‘concentration camp’ nonsense. Let’s get some things straight. President Donald Trump was not the first to put illegal aliens in detention center. As for the cages, we know for a fact that Barack Obama was separating kids by age and putting them in ‘cages,’ if you want to call them that. They were (and are) chain-link fenced-in areas where minors are kept safe. The left loves to talk about ‘family separation,’ but we have a rich history in this country of not putting children in jail with their parents. I guess the guy who robs the bank and is locked up is a ‘victim’ of family separation too, but few would shed any tears for him.

Concentration camps were used to house Jews during World War II before they were sent off to be gassed en masse. To claim that kids who get three meals a day, a comfortable bed, and soccer games are in a concentration camp just illustrates the lack of judgement (or sense) of anyone who claims it.

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