Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Don't fall in love with a DREAMer

President Trump made the right decision on DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that was illegally created by Obama’s pen. What Trump did was kick this issue back to where it belongs, the United State Congress. They are the ones tasked with passing immigration laws and this was an unlawful usurpation of an already existing law. The question now is what will Congress do?

This is where it gets scary. They have six months to come up with a solution. Few people argue that children brought here through no fault of their own should be rounded up and sent back to a strange country they’ve never known. I questioned the wisdom of doing something about it on the front end. It should’ve been saved for last. DREAMers were not being rounded up and thrown out of the country. In fact, during the Obama years few illegals of any description were being deported. The problem with granting this class of people amnesty is doing so without securing the border only invited more people to come here illegally thinking they would get to stay. And they did come by the hundreds of thousands. Remember all the kids streaming across the border? It became a crisis overnight. Had the borders been secured then this nightmare wouldn’t have happened.

Congress is the place to settle this issue, but it’s imperative that anti-amnesty hawks keep a close eye on the process. The old Gang of Eight is still eager to pass comprehensive immigration reform, better known as amnesty. There’s no doubt they’ll take advantage of this opportunity President Trump has given them to pass a law much broader than simply solving the problem of children brought here by their parents.

Here are some of the things I can see the pro-amnesty crowd trying to pull. Giving full amnesty to not only children brought over here but their parents. That would be a huge mistake. Their parents knowingly broke the law as adults when they came and they should be sent packing. If they still have minor children in this country then they’re going to have to take them with them. If those minor children were born in America and, legally, are considered citizens then these parents are going to have to make a choice. They can either leave and take their children with them or they can leave the children here to be put up for adoption. If that sounds cruel, it’s not. The onus is on the parents. They’re the ones who put themselves in this predicament. I suspect most loving parents will choose to take their children with them. No matter their decision, if they broke into this country as adults they have to go.

The Gang of Eight is most certainly going to exploit this opportunity to push for a path to citizenship for illegals already in the country. The fact that they have no idea why Donald Trump was elected president is already evident. They see him as weakened by his response to Charlottesville (which has turned out to be spot on, by the way), and they will see this as their opportunity. The saner voices in Congress must step up and kill this effort before it begins. Not one member of that Gang of Eight should be allowed by senate leadership to have any say-so in crafting the DREAMer bill. If something that atrocious does break out of Congress on its way to the White House then President Trump should veto it immediately.

We all remember why Trump was elected. I hope he still does.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, 
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  1. You just discovered your identity has been stolen. Your cash has not all been taken, but there has been a systematic skimming of your accounts for years. Credit card purchases have been made in your name. Mortgages acquired using your credit history. Your future Social Security benefits have been compromised and reduced by abuses using your SSN over many years. Your pension plan that you have paid into for years through your hard work is also under attack and your future earnings will be reduced to cover the added expenses. Investigation reveals that you are not the only victim, millions of others are being impacted by the same organized criminal enterprise to defraud and deceive by these identity thieves. Are you mad yet?
    You first contact your bank, credit card company, pension administrator, and the Social Security Administration. They all speak with one voice and say it’s just how it is. You should just not worry about it, you still have plenty, you’ll be fine. Not only that, but you should just allow it to continue without complaint. Next you contact the local police and they explain that their hands are tied since it is a federal issue and the government will not allow them to enforce the laws on the books. You step up to state law enforcement and then the feds, but everywhere you turn the answer is the same---just get over it, all is well.
    Finally, you hear that Congress is going to address the issue once and for all. You’re pretty happy and relieved until you learn that their intent is to justify the past actions of the identity thieves and make those actions legal from the present moving forward. You should be dumbfounded at the supposed logic of this position. But, that is exactly what the current popular solution to the illegal immigration issue is.
    Illegal immigrants are stealing the identity of American citizenship. Paying little if any taxes, but participating in tax-payer funded services and benefiting from the schools and hospitals paid for by millions of Americans. They are benefiting from welfare programs designed to help those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder or those who have fallen on hard times due to age or physical infirmity. It is hard to imagine how anyone could see it as permissible to steal from those people alone, much less everyone else.
    Sadly, to see politicians taking this position is not hard to fathom. They won’t be adversely impacted as the rest of us will. In fact, they can and will turn it to their advantage to keep themselves in power. What is most surprising is the number of citizens willing to roll over and let them do it. If faced with a theft that they can readily see, they would demand justice from every avenue. But in this case, they have been manipulated by government and media to accept the crimes and misdeeds of others against them and the rest of the American taxpayers as inevitable and justifiable. The day will come when they realize the truth of the situation and the damage done to them and society. Unfortunately, it will probably be too late to do anything about it.

  2. I'm reminded of the old saying, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. If they were to Grant amnesty to every illegal in this country the Democrats would still fight tooth-and-nail to stop the wall and in ten or Twenty Years anybody who slipped in since that time would be crying a river demanding that these new dreamers stay. It's all a bunch of deceptive nonsense.

  3. Amnesty was already given under Reagan... on the premise that it was one time only and the system would be fixed. Guess what... Unless it is fixed NOW, it never will be, and our professional politicians will continue to obfuscate and lie to us, ultimately kicking the can down the road and nothing getting done. This is EXACTLY why Trump won, why he continues to garner support, because the government does NOTHING to fix this and other issues, only excuse it or put on a bandaid to placate those who object the loudest. George Carlin, before he died, said he saw this country "circling the drain", and he was right. It becomes more evident every day. And we are doing it to ourselves.