Thursday, January 7, 2021

Don't be like the Hillary people

It's amazing the similarities between the angered Trump people this go-around and the Hillary folks last time. I get it. There was obviously voter fraud. The only pertinent question all along is was there enough voter fraud to change the election? We may never know. The courts won't hear it. The media won't report it. So, what are we to do? Burn down the country because we think the election was stolen? Well, that's exactly what the left has been doing. Why are some people on the right prone to do the same thing?

I've been fielding nasty emails all morning over the position I took on the Capitol riot. People keep telling me "the system has failed" and "it's time for a revolution." Who are you going to shoot first? These are mainly people blowing off steam. I'm told there's no other way to change the system other than through some sort of violent overthrow. They tell me the leftists control both the mainstream media and social media, and they're right. But violence isn't the way to change that. The free market is.

I'm actually amused at how many people are screaming about how the leftists control social media, and they're screaming it on Facebook. That's just like the Occupy Wall Street idiots who wrote long treatises about the evils of capitalism on their MacBook Pros while sipping Starbucks coffee. Speaking of which, I haven't been to a Starbucks in years. Have you? I have another question for you. Why are you still on Facebook? If I get a rotten meal at a restaurant I don't go back. Why do people constantly complain about Facebook and Twitter and then still go there? I don't get it.

There are viable alternatives. I'm on and Why aren't you? We're in the process of moving all of our videos from YouTube to Rumble. If social media is such a problem, why do you still patronize them? You don't like how you're being treated, you go someplace else. This is how the free market works. It looks like we conservatives should understand the free market system better than anyone else. Trump gets suspended from Twitter. Why doesn't he leave Twitter and go to Parler? I have no idea.

As far as a violent revolution? You can count me out. Yeah, the leftists won this time. Probably cheated in the process. That doesn't mean you scrap the whole thing. Do you know who's in charge of these states where this voter fraud happened? Republican legislatures. They can—and should—immediately set up commissions to investigate the allegations of fraud. The lawsuits in states like PA that broke the law by not verifying signatures on mail-in ballots should continue non-stop until one actually gets heard. That's how you do it. You work within the system.

You wanna know something else? You wanna know why the Democrats now control the Senate? Because the Republicans put up two lackluster candidates in GA. The Republicans take rural conservatives for granted just like the Democrats do with black voters. They assume whoever they throw out there will be just fine because they're a Republican. If the Republicans are going to retake the House and Senate in two years they have to have stellar candidates, not the next in line or somebody who donates lots of money to the party.

Some people give up on this country way too easily. I think these are the people with anger issues. We see them on both sides. You've heard of Trump-deranged? We're already seeing Biden-deranged. Don't be like them. Have you been watching CNN? Have you been on Facebook? Then you're part of the problem. Stop complaining and start behaving like a true capitalist. You're worried about who has the power? YOU have the power. Use it.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning talk radio show, 
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  1. I love your show ever since 9/11. I totally agree here except for one problem. We’re well on our way to communism now and I don’t think we’re gonna have any more legitimate elections nor any more free markets. China is the only power over us now. I have prayed that I was wrong, but don’t you think the writing is on the wall?

  2. Lucid and reasonable. Thank you for some common sense.

  3. Your right Phil, but I do think that the protesters got old demented folks in dc attention, and they better know for certain now that 77 million of us are beyond tired of their crap,and we will fix this mess in 2 years!

    1. It's Bible Prophecy. The Templ Is Almost Complete And America Is Becoming A 3rd World Country With 50,000 More Illegal Immigrants Waiting At The Southern Border. With The Next 2000. Stimulus Package We Will Be Over 32Trillion In The Hole Which There Is No Recovery. Now How Do They Get Rid Of 70% Of The Population World Wide?? Disease, Famine And War Or Kill All The Christians Off Like They've Been Doing Already. Democrat Party Is Part Of The Beast. Proof Look At What Hitler Did To Austria In 1933 To 1938 Democrats Are Doing The Same Thing.

  4. Exactly, Phil. I haven't been to a Starbucks in nearly a decade. Never going back. These businesses do not deserve our money.

  5. Thank you Phil for this. It has been a rough few days and I found myself falling into a depression over the events. Your absolutely right. Get off those sites and away from those businesses. Go to the ones where like minded people gather. Pressure our remaining Republican leaders to set up the commissions and look into the events.

  6. Question... do I delete my account? Worried someone else will use my name. How do I keep this from happening?