Tuesday, January 12, 2021

News Update: GoDaddy and AR15.com


Tuesday January 12, 2021

I contacted GoDaddy today, and they tell me that they don't host AR15.com. They say they bought their domain name through them and that's good through March 29, 2022. They tell me AR15.com is hosted by AWS, which is Amazon, but that they have nothing to do with making decisions for AWS.

Stories earlier reported that AR15.com was booted off the Internet by GoDaddy. Apparently it's not true. GoDaddy is not their hosting site.

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  1. Phil, please post the name of your new website that helps people get away from big tech company and start using smaller but better company's that are promoters of free speech.

  2. Yes please. I want to get away from all of the crap today.

    1. Start by putting down the bible and picking up any number of other texts that are not christian.

      And then correspond them.

      By doing so, you will see that the path is not the way. You will see there is one way, with innumerable paths. The path itself is not the way.

      You will start to see your own nature. You will stop being an acolyte by emerging from the dogma of literalism. All is motion, flux. There is no thing that is fixed - there is literally no such thing or person as a separate savior named Jesus Christ. You are in a trance of ignorance and blindness to think that. It is an authoritative absurb unsensed trance, and you are unknowingly in the thick of it.

      Emerge to realization of your own nature, and you will no longer be blind, tithing, waiting for a savior named jesus.

      You will no longer render yourself impotent.

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  4. Hows it goin Phil?

    1. "Well, I died. I was ignorant. And there's NO actual jesus, come to find out! It was always a REFERENCE to us, to nature itself. I was so ignorant. See you when I reincarnate."