Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fake News running editorials saying they're not fake news

This is the week of collusion. The week when newspapers across the country band together to write scathing editorials about President Trump while acting as though they’re not colluding to bring his presidency down. This is all done under the “fake news” banner that Trump is attacking them and, by extension, the First Amendment. It’s an ironic confirmation that his accusation of fake news is actually true.

Let’s peel away the layers of this feigned outrage. The president says the fake news media are the “enemies of the people.” The outlets printing and broadcasting fake news about him know exactly who they are. And they know they’re doing exactly what he’s accusing them of, yet they pretend that he’s talking about all journalists. He’s not. Obviously. If that were the case he wouldn’t go out of his way to call on Fox News and ignore CNN, which clearly has an agenda to ruin his presidency.

I’ve often said that media bias isn’t so much what they tell you, it’s what they don’t. Many outlets will tell you only part of the story, leaving out the part that paints the real picture. The fake news outlets do this all the time. How many news outlets have reported that black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows? How many ever reported that Antifa is a violent and historically marxist organization instead of one that’s just fighting white supremacy? Things look different when you know the whole story.

Then there are the stories that are just plain made up. Like the one from Roll Call’s senior political reporter, Emily Singer. She took to Twitter with a “scoop” that she’d found red-headed Russian spy Maria Butina in an Oval Office photo with Trump. Turned out it was an NSC staffer. That fire didn’t get put out until half the media had breathlessly reported evidence of Russian collusion right there in the White House.

How about Brian Ross from ABC News? He reported that Michael Flynn had been instructed during the campaign to negotiate with the Russians. Turned out the instruction came after Trump was elected president, when presidents-elect normally begin negotiations with foreign powers.

And the little girl from Honduras who became the face of family separation at the border. Turns out the mother and daughter were never separated and were being held in a family detention center in Texas. The mom had broken into the country at least once before.

Who can forget the photo of the little boy whose crying face inside a cage went viral. That picture is still being posted by the open borders crowd. In reality, the photo was taken at a protest on a plaza in Dallas. The little boy ran inside the cage to find his brother. He looked up and saw his mother outside the cage and got scared. That’s when the photo was snapped. That’s the source of the “Trump’s putting kids in cages” narrative, and it’s completely fake.

Shall I go on? I think you get the point. Too many so-called journalists are hiding behind the First Amendment in order to spread something that doesn’t even resemble journalism. It’s propaganda.

If you ever get a chance to ask a journalist why they got into the profession and they say it was to change the world then you know you’re talking to a provocateur of fake news. A journalist’s job is not to change the world. It’s to report the world. If they’re out to change it then they’re adding their own opinions. And that is the very definition of fake news.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, 
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  1. Free funny. All major News and Social Media has been Weaponized for sometime now....Throw in far left education and easy to see how the sheep follow....