Saturday, August 19, 2017

Time to bone up on the Antifa movement

It's easy to see a movement that is anti-fascist and think they're good. After all, who in their right mind isn't against the fascist? But a deeper dig into the origins of the Antifa movement paints a dark and sinister picture.

Communist Antifa flag-1932
The Antifa movement has its roots in the German Communist Party of the 1930s. It was a movement against the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. The communists and the Nazis have been fighting one another for over 100 years. That's a curious thing to a lot of people. Then mainstream media portray it as a fight been far right and far left but that's not accurate. Nazis are socialists. In fact, Nazi is short for the National Socialist German Workers Party. So why are factions that appear to be similar in philosophy at each other's throats?

That's the interesting point that so many people miss. Let me explain it. Both the Nazis and the communist want complete domination over you. They want to control what you say, what you read, even what you think. They are literally fighting over who is going to control the masses. When you look at it that way you understand why they're constantly at war. They are two of the few groups on the planet who want total control over people. Most of the rest of us just want to be left alone. They're both fighting over you and me, over control.

This is why the communists were fighting the Nazis in World War II. This is why the communists were fighting the Nazis in Greensboro in 1979. This is why the communists were fighting the Nazis in Charlottesville in 2017. And they've gotten quite clever, these communists. They no longer call themselves communists. They've reverted to their 1932 German roots as "anti-fascists." Again, who can be against the folks who are against the fascists? It's brilliant, actually. So much so that they've recruited a whole new slate of useful idiots from governors to senators to mayors. And the mainstream media are clearly in their camp. Some completely complicit. Some useful idiots. Some just plain idiots.

Antifa in 1932 and Antifa now
Take a look at their two symbols. The communist Antifa movement of 1932 Germany and the Antifa movement of today. They are the same thing. Why? Because they are the same people. Those of you who listen to my radio show probably heard the phone call from Corey, a self-described Antifa. He started off calm and collected, but as I exposed him for what he was he flew into a rage and ultimately threatened me.

The Antifa people are all about redistribution of wealth, they're anti-capitalists, they hate what America was founded on. They're bound and determined to destroy our country from within, and now they have people in government doing their bidding over fear of being labeled a Nazi if they don't.

The Nazis are too stupid to change their image. They're still out there with swastikas and Nazi salutes. They look like a bunch of clowns. The communists are far more sophisticated. They have the backing of George Soros and they come in many forms. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the climate change movement. These are the people who scream about microaggressions and trigger words and safe spaces. You need to understand who these people are so you don't fall into their trap like so many people have.

Antifa is crafty, insidious, and extremely dangerous. Remember the snowflakes who fell apart after Trump won? These people are basically rabid snowflakes. They roam from town to town like a deranged mob on Soros' payroll to commit violent acts against Nazis and anybody else who stands in their way, all the while knowing the complicit media will cover them in a good light. I don't mind saying it again. They are far, far more dangerous than the neo-Nazis who have no clout, no power, and no sense.

Arm yourselves with knowledge and let's expose these people for who they really are.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.


  1. That's interesting I didn't know their roots. And what you're saying about the KKK and others, yeah I agree they have no power and they haven't for a long long time. I've only met 1 KKK member in my life and that was several years ago and he was the head of that local group. I don't know what his belief is but he did not out right hate black people because in his defending himself he told us stories of how he had some black neighbors who had falling on hard times and he would help them as much as he could. so I don't even know what they really even believe anymore.

  2. Very good illustration Phil of who we the American people will have to deal with soon.this movement where their trying to play the good guy is a ancient tactic that will work on today's society where all they have done is work , raise there family and have had no threat to there well being. We must help the people understand and the time in history has come again where man must be ready to defend himself and his family. Those of us who seen this several years ago and tried to warn those people and where called crazy and fear mongering conspriocy theorist's are now trying to catch up with the warnings. You do a great job explaining this threat and I thank you for that. We're being attacked at all sides. We are being called Nazi's by antifa , we are being called racist by black lives matter, and we're being called bigots from the Muslim side of the field. It's crazy how there tactic works , but we as Americans must stand together to fight this evil. I know alot of Americans are not wanting to physically fight an entity they really don't understand. But for those of us that understand , there is a stopping point of trying to solve this mess. These people don't understand getting along and live and let live. For us as Americans to keep our freedoms and our way of life , there will one day when talk will have to stop. I pray for peace but I know where this is headed. The enemy is bigger than a bunch of crying snowflakes , and there dug in pretty deep as we speak.we must wake up to reality and get ready to defend our rights, and our freedoms,and our country and our families. I don't want this issue to linger and years pass by and the enemy gets bigger and stronger and our young children one day are assaulted or killed by these tyrants , when we could have ended it in our time. I don't know , I'm a warrior by the grace of GOD and I know what I'm seeing and feeling from within about these sick brain washed people. Anyhow thanks again and GOD bless and GOD bless America in a time where many wish and seek to destroy her.

  3. saw on line that there were buses that pulled up and parked bumper to bumper, while unloading people wearing "Black lives matter" shirts and others wearing "KKK" shirts getting off the same buses and blending into the crowds!0

  4. Big problem is that the leftists have a strategy with a long-term objective and they tend to work together. They make few mistakes because they are patient. One big mistake was electing Obama president first. Had they elected Hillary first and had Obama wait, he would have walked into the white house and completed the total destruction of this country.

    1. Or Americans would have had such a gutful of Shrillary that they'd vote for any Republican for prez.

      That's a major part of what happened in 2016, except with Obama.

  5. Please sign this petition to recognize Antifa as a terrorist.

  6. There are no "fascists" today. There are no "nazis." They've all been dead for 70+ years.

    The "KKK" hasn't been anything but an FBI front for fifty years. You put five "Klansmen" in a room, and you'll see two undercover FBI men, one undercover BATFE man, one undercover investigator from the local State Police, and one poor slob--who just wants a community where his wife and kids will be safe--that the other four are trying to talk into planting a bomb, that they're even willing to supply to him.

    "Nazi" is just a term these "antifa" idiots use against anyone and everyone who disagrees with them about anything. You can't virtue-signal enough to make them see you as anything else. In that sense, we're all "nazis" now. We'd better all hang together because these "antifa" lunatics intend to see us all hang. That means that the guys willing to pick up an axe handle and go out and mix it up with the "antifa" terrorists when the cops aren't doing their jobs, are our brothers and our friends and deserve our support.

    I wonder why the Republican Party refuses to reach out to working-class whites. Isn't it supposed to be a "big tent?" The GOP wants to open their "big tent" to pedophiles and perverts, foreign invaders, every kind of far-left politician who wants to suspend the Constitution, throw the borders wide open, disarm us and replace us with a billion mud-colored Third World colonists, but when it comes to native-born white Americans? Oh hell no. It makes you wonder whom they're really working for, doesn't it?

    "Conservatives" have failed utterly if their intent was to conserve our borders, our language, our culture, our blood and soil, or our way of life. It's time for something new.

    1. "'Conservatives' have failed utterly..."

      What else to expect? Not many are left. The Donk Party has drifted into full-frontal socialism. Polls show most Donks support socialism/Marxism. The Republican Party has drifted so far center-left that its most recent nominees were McCain (a DiRD -- Donk in Republican Drag), Mutt (another DiRD), Trump (a lifelong Donk), Bush Jr. (a "big government conservative whose conservatism was mainly social but not economic), Dole (a centrist with rubber legs) and Bush Sr. (see Dole).

  7. Because the mud colored colonists are way smarter and intelligent than your dumbasses

  8. Here's another, maybe better, way to illustrate the commonality of Reds and Fascists/not-sees: Sunnis are Muslims. Shiites are Muslims. They fight each other to the death. Does that mean that both camps ain't Muslims?

    Substitutes Bloods & Crips; East Coast vs. West Coast rappers; Ohio State vs. Michigan State; Hatfields vs. McCoys. They're feuds involving similar or identical rivals.

    I like to say that the only significant differences between der fuhrer and Stalin were taste in apparel, cuisine and music.

    The not-sees were even rooted in Marxism, just like Lenin and Stalin. Mussolini was a devoted Marxist, but he had to adapt the ideology to Italy's culture. He didn't leave Communism but absorbed it.

    Hitler in turn adapted Fascism to German culture. Scuttled the Catholicism, added eugenics and racism (Mussolini wasn't a racist) and so on. It's a direct lineage.

    If you think Communism and not-seeism were different in any way other than at the edges, explain how former not-sees blended easily and seamlessly into the East German Communist Party, even to the leadership level. Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh could hardly blend into the Donk Party, and Barack Obama and Chucky Schumer would have a tough time adapting to the Republican Party in the South, at least.

    If you like to use mockery and satire and make leftniks wet their lederhosen, don't refer to antifas. Refer to Auntie Fascists. Then duck.

  9. It's admittedly difficult to make sense of the commonality between Fascists/not-sees and Auntie Fascists.

    Let's try.

    Firstly note the name: German Workers National Socialist Party. It includes the word "socialist," which by all accounts is leftist.

    Leftists will compare the name to the names of countries like China and North Korea, which include the word "democratic," and say that proves names don't matter.

    But a political party isn't a country. A party names itself on qualities and beliefs that will appeal to its supporters (or it will use uncommittal blather). The Libertarian Party is or used to be libertarian. All Socialist parties -- and there's a raft of them -- are socialist. The Prohibition Party was prohibitionist. The Constitution Party is constitutionalist. The Green Party tries to be green, which isn't easy.

    But what to make out of the claim that not-sees and Communists were polar opposites? It's just nonsense. The Communists are leftniks. No one sentient and sober quarrels with that. The not-sees are supposed to be rightist. But they have little to nothing in common with the right, or conservatives. They're all about supreme gummint control. Honest conservatives revile that ideological stance.

    Here's a sensible, practical to tease out reality.

    Leftism/statism/collectivism is a movement, but not so much political as theological. Leftists worship gummint -- the more, the merrier. Leftism is actually a pseudo-religion, and in practice it operates as a religion. Its adherents believe what they believe on faith, by and large.

    The left has various sects, such as "liberals," Fabian socialists, progressives, Marxists, social democrats, garden-variety socialists, Fascists, National Socialists, Communists, Maoists, Castroites, Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, Stalinists, Trotskyites and more.

    They're differentiated by regional, cultural and other distinctions. But they're all collectivist, all statist, all leftist. They'll all take you to the same Orwellian end point eventually, because they strip away freedom and individual sovereignty bit by bit if not en masse.

    Non-leftists actually are different. Conservatives, libertarians, objectivists, real anarchists (anti-statists) and other ideological groups seek distinct and often-conflicting objectives. Lefttwits pretty much disagree only about tactics. They may virtue-signal about tolerance and diversity, but they'll all clamp down hard as they can on division, dissent and discord in thinking. Their way or the highway.

    Here's an addendum. We've all heard that IslamoFascism is right-wing, or conservative. Let's set that notion straight.

    Islamism has two major components: The religions, and the secular. Religiously speaking, you can identify Islam as conservative. But sharia demands strict conformity with the religion via state power. The government enforces individual behavior to the smallest of details. That's not religion but political. It's totalitarian. And totalitarianism is all left.

    In fact it's not hard to make leftnards -- all of them -- admit that not-sees, KKKlanstas, jihadists and others of their ilk are lefttwats themselves. It's not hard to make leftnits admit they are perfectly congenial with racism, white supremacy, ethnic cleansing, mass murder and even genocide. I blog a lot and have forced the admission thousands of times.

    Don't have time now, but I'll try to come back to this page down the line, and if I find requests for the techniques, I'll respond.

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