Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What an election!

People ask me all the times these days, “What are you going to talk about after the election?” I must admit that this has been the most entertaining election I can remember. That’s due almost entirely to Donald Trump. Of course, the past week has been immensely pleasing, watching smug Democrats who thought they had the election in the bag suddenly scrambling for excuses. 

There is no excuse. All of Hillary Clinton’s wounds are self-inflicted. It’s not a vindictive FBI director. It’s not dirty tricks by the Republicans. It’s karma.

And I love the counter attack. Trump is in cahoots with Putin and the Russians to steal the election. Hear that sound? Click, click, click. They’re out of ammo. They’re fresh out of porn stars to launch at Trump. Now they’re left with the deafening sound of their own incompetence.

We probably won’t know for some time what’s in the e-mails on Anthony Weiner’s computer. Here’s what we do know. Huma Abedin was so inept that she couldn’t figure out how to print from the government system, so she forwarded classified e-mails to her joint account with her husband and her Yahoo account. Hillary didn’t even have a computer in her State Department office. She also didn’t know how to run her home fax machine. Sounds like a bunch of yahoos were running the secretary of state’s office.

The irony that a sexting scandal involving Anthony Weiner could bring Hillary down is delectable. She spent most of her life cleaning up behind her own husband, destroying his accusers, and snatching both of their political careers from the jaws of death on numerous occasions. Now it’s her own aide’s husband’s sick perversions that might be the end of her career. Of course, Bill Clinton “officiated” the Weiner-Abedin wedding. What a way to start a marriage.

If Trump wins on Tuesday it’ll set up an epic fight between the looters/moochers and the producers. The Democrats, who have planted and tended their crop of dependents, will find themselves in the unenviable position of trying to stop a man from freeing the liberals’ prisoners from cyclical government addiction. Then there’s illegal immigration. The battle with Mexico over the border wall will, alone, be worth the price of admission. Not to mention the fun in watching the Larry Tate Republicans who will suddenly act as if they’d been on Trump’s side all along.

Even if Hillary wins there’s the prospect of the FBI drilling deeper down into the president-elect’s self-made labyrinth of deceit. All along Wikileaks will provide an endless stream of tantalizing e-mails from various crooked people the Clintons seem to surround themselves with. Oh, and the sure-to-come James O’Keefe videos that will continue to chronicle the corruption behind the Democrat machine. Does Hillary pardon herself? Will she pardon Huma and Weiner and everybody else who will surely take the fall around her, or will she leave them, as John Ehrlichman famously said during Watergate, to twist slowly in the wind?

And speaking of Watergate, will Hillary go down in history as half of the only husband and wife tandem to be impeached by Congress? What drama. And we haven’t even gotten to the gun-running that was apparently the reason Hillary and Obama made up the story of a video-induced protest at the consulate in Benghazi when the real target was the CIA annex. Or the toppling of regimes in Libya and Egypt, and the continued efforts to overthrow the government of Syria.

Indeed, what shall I talk about after the election?

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.


  1. Hussein O will pardon Clinton whether win or lose to keep himself from going down with the ship. He hasn't done anything yet because he doesn't want Clinton in the White House. 2 reasons:
    Incompetence. She will not survive under pressure. Sooner or later she will come undone and spill ALL the beans undoing Hussein O's accomplishments.
    Hussein O's plan for America does not include Clinton even though she worked right beside him engineering the Arab spring. (You tell on me, I tell on you). For Hussein O's plan has to have a Republican president to be successful. It's time to pay up to the Muslim Brotherhood. Once he leaves office the terrorist attacks will start on America. Hussein O has been coddling them from day one and you can bet he has promised the "hood" something.
    . . . . . . . .BUT it won't be under his or the Democrats watch! Democrats will be back in charge after 4 years and "fundamentally changing America" will continue.

  2. Well, truth be told....he can only pardon her once. It's not like she only comitted one crime. My guess is, Comey waits, FBI and NYPD sting her when Trump is president.

  3. If Hillary steals this. I don't see her living much longer.

  4. "IF" she steals this election!? It doesn't seem to matter what Wikileaks OR Congress throws at Clinton, nothing sticks. Comey is doing 'exactly' what Hussein O and Lynch are telling him to do, much of it a result from Bill Clinton's visit with Lynch. Corrupt, black mail or what ever you want to call it, the Clintons know too much on too many people to ever be indicted.

  5. The "whole" purpose for Comey making new accusations then stating there's "nothing to see here" was orchestrated and designed by Clinton and the DNC to boost Clinton in the polls. When Comey made the announcement, Wall Street surged 300+.