Friday, May 3, 2019

Mayor Pete is NOT president-ready

What qualifies a person to be president? Interesting question. Pose it to a hundred people you’ll probably get a hundred answers. Most will say experience. That can either be in the business world, as in President Trump’s case, or political. What kind of political experience? Most of our presidents have first been governor somewhere. A few, like JFK, were senators. How about mayors? After 9/11 Rudy Giuliani was touted as a contender. They called him ‘America’s mayor.’ 

OK, a mayor. How about the mayor of Davenport, Iowa? Come on, Phil. Don’t be ridiculous. The mayor of Davenport? What could possibly prepare him or her to be president? I happen to agree with you. By the way, did you know that Davenport, Iowa has more people than South Bend, Indiana? Yeah, Davenport’s the 300th largest city in the country. South Bend is 301. What’s my point? My point is the only reason Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, is getting any attention at all is because he’s gay. Don’t believe it? Tell me the name of the mayor of Davenport. Exactly.

There was a talk show host who went on BSNBC and made this very point. The left came unglued calling him every nasty thing in the book. But it’s true. Mayor Pete is getting traction because he’s gay. Not that he doesn’t have a nice resume. Harvard. Pembroke. Oxford. Former naval intelligence officer. Impressive if he were running for re-election as mayor. He’s not. The 37-year-old darling of the left is running for president. Stop and think about that for a second. Do you think you’re qualified to be president? Me neither. Imagine the ego it takes to believe that you can go from mid-size-town mayor to the White House. That you’re even remotely qualified. That in and of itself is problematic. But there’s more.

Buttigieg (pronounced Boot-edge-edge) is for single-payer healthcare. In other words, government-run healthcare. He’s for more gun control. He’s for amnesty for illegal aliens. He’s for the insane Green New Deal which would bankrupt the country were it ever implemented. He’s called ‘climate change’ a national security issue, though he didn’t elaborate. He wants government-subsidized solar panels for every home. He’s totally against using fossil fuels (although I suspect he uses a ton of them on the campaign trail). 

Oh, and he’s gay.

See what I mean? He’s no different from any other socialist out there except he has little real world experience in either politics or business. If he were straight he would be dismissed as a joke. So, is being gay some sort of qualification for being president? It would appear so, at least with a lot of people on the left. You can’t point to anything else that distinguishes him from any other mid-size-town mayor. That has to be it. And it’s not only sad, it’s rather frightening.

I thought we were supposed to not notice or care if someone was gay. That’s pretty much how I run my own life. I judge you on who you are, not what you are. Maybe I’m too radical for my time. If being gay is not supposed to matter then why does it matter in the case of Pete Buttigieg? That’s the point. It shouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Buttigieg is impressive. Well-educated, military man, well-spoken. He just doesn’t have the experience to be president. Not to mention his politics are way too far left. Run for senate or governor, Pete. We’ll see you back here in twelve years.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning talk radio show, 
The Phil Valentine Show. He's also co-host of The PodGOATs podcast.


  1. I first heard about Mayor Pete from a friend who has tried to defend me against attacks by the LGBT community after they chose to feel offended by my opinion. I just read (on my Lydia A Hubbell Facebook page) a new comment by a friend who is upset about how I have been retaliated for daring to say that sexual immorality is a sin. Nobody seemed to care when I say hatred or lying or stealing or uncontrolled anger are sin. I am not shoving my religious beliefs down anyone's throats, but I am going to exercise the right to express them. I'm not considering myself to be morally superior, any more than I think most people who conquer drug abuse and are clean and sober for years feel morally superior to those who are still abusing drugs. I eventually said the LGBT "agenda" and "gay rights" are their assumed right to not allow people to express opinions that do not support the celebration of their sexual choices. I don't care how many times I say I love everybody and that I think they should exercise the same rights everybody else is entitled to under our Constitution or that I am not opposed to them having a "pride" month or a festival. I blocked some people and deleted a few comments...mostly so I would not be tempted to waste time responding to them. I do think the militant LGBT activists are in the minority and most of my LGBT friends and family and family of friends and friends of family seem to be the "live and let live" kind. Thank God. I have been given a 3 day, then a 7 day "Facebook Jail sentence" since I shared my thoughts and opnions. Is this still America? I am running for City Council and apparently I disqualified myself by expressing my own thoughts. If I have to waive my Constitutionally-Protected rights to serve as Councilman, I will work to change that.

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