Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trump can't win with the left-wing media

We should’ve seen this coming. It didn’t matter what President Trump did at the summit with Kim Jong-un, he was going to be dogged by the liberals and the left-wing media. But it truly was historic. We may very well be on a path to a nuke-free NoKo. Who woulda thunk it just a few months ago when Trump was calling Kim ‘Little Rocket Man.’

What the establishment types don’t understand is Trump diplomacy. Here’s how it works. You play ball with him or he’ll crush you. Basically, Trump went over to Singapore with one message: Give up your nukes and we’ll let you live. If you understand Kim you understand that he inherited a country. He’s simply trying to hang on to it. Trump let him know that if he gets rid of his nukes he gets to keep his country.

Then the libs decried Trump’s lack of pushback over human rights. Again, they don’t understand how you do deals. Are human rights important? Sure, but they’re not nearly as important to us as making sure Kim’s not threatening his neighbors and us with annihilation. Human rights can come later. And Trump’s much more likely to be successful along those lines once he’s gained the trust of Kim.

The left and the establishment Republicans continually underestimate Trump. They think he’s a buffoon. They don’t think he’s on their level intellectually, and he takes advantage of that weakness time and time again. The man is shrewd. He knows how to get deals done. He knows how to read people.

Remember how they were all decrying his lack of preparation? And the man shows up knowing exactly what he was doing. The naysayers are trying to actually claim that Trump gave up our defense of South Korea and got nothing in return. He didn’t give up defense of SoKo. Our military’s not going anywhere. They’re just not going to provoke North Korea by buzzing the North’s coastline. I thought it was a brilliant chip to play.

On the issue of human rights, I can imagine Kim visiting America. Trump takes him out for a game of golf and between holes they’re riding in the cart and Trump says, “You know, I’m not trying to get in your business, but I know a thing or two about PR. You’d be much more popular around the world, and your own country, frankly, if you wouldn’t kill so many people. And maybe let some of these political prisoners go. They make you look bad, and I think you’re a pretty honorable guy.” That’s how Trumplomacy works. And that’s what the establishment types can’t wrap their minds around.

Look, whatever these establishment types have been doing for 20 years ain’t working. Trumplomacy is first letting your opponent know who’s boss, gain their respect, then make them your friend. No one wants to be friends with a pushover weenie. Everybody wants to be friends with the cool guy. The guy you’re just a little afraid might kick your butt if he gets angry with you.

The Trump/Kim summit was just the beginning. We got a promise to denuclearize. We’re not stupid enough to lift the sanctions yet. Trump’s going to take it slow and see what happens. What’s for sure is he has absolutely confounded his critics. What else is for sure is if peace does come to the Korean peninsula Trump will never get the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe it goes to Kim Jong-un or Moon Jae-in. Maybe Kim’s sister, Kim So Hot. My vote goes to Dennis Rodman.

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