Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The fog that surrounds Hillary Clinton

Imagine if Donald Trump left an event, suddenly was unable to stand, and was dragged into a waiting car and whisked away. Instead of going to the hospital, the car drove him home where he rested and emerged later as if nothing had happened. What do you think the mainstream media would do? 

Such an event would be disturbing, to say the very least.

The circumstances surrounding Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 health emergency are so bizarre that one is left wondering what is really going on. The obfuscation by the Clinton camp is now so routine that nothing they present as the truth is believable.

For weeks, we were told that any questions surrounding Hillary’s health were merely conspiracy theories cooked up by the ‘alt-right,’ whatever that’s supposed to be. The morning of 9/11, those conspiracy theories suddenly had credence. Even the big networks couldn’t ignore the obvious, but they quickly reset to their default mode of denial. 

Here’s what we know. Something is wrong with Hillary. What’s wrong is left to speculation since the Clinton campaign continues to cover its tracks. I have been hesitant to join the speculation, but just take a look at the video of Hillary leaving the 9/11 commemoration ceremony. Why did only one camera capture her departure? I’m being told that the media following her were prohibited from following her out of the event. That, in and of itself, should raise suspicion.

What immediately struck me while watching the video is how routine the whole episode seemed. The Secret Service and Hillary’s staff appeared not at all alarmed. Again, imagine if that were Donald Trump. There would be absolute panic if he were unable to board the vehicle under his own power. At the very least, the car would’ve headed immediately to the emergency room.

Instead, the Secret Service seemed to fall into a routine pattern. Two of them lifted her off her feet into the waiting vehicle while the rest closed ranks to block out prying eyes. Obviously, they had seen this all before. The only person on the scene who seemed panicked was a New York City cop who rushes toward the van as Hillary collapses. Everyone else is as nonchalant as if she just left an event normally.

She has a history of fainting at events going back as far as 2005. The circumstances surrounding her concussion are still murky. Again, it’s blamed on a virus and being dehydrated. Why would she fall so hard as to cause a concussion and double vision? As the Daily Mail put it, “Hillary’s shielded medical history is no longer just for conspiracy theorists as her ‘penchant for privacy’ gets serious scrutiny.”

The mainstream media seemed jilted by the 9/11 event, asking why the campaign lied to them. They have to ask?

Hillary’s entire life has been shrouded in inexplicable excuses and stories that turned out to be outright lies. For example, her marriage to a serial woman abuser, and her desperate attempts to destroy any woman who came forward with accusations. Her odd—and illegal—use of a private server while secretary of state. The unbelievable number of meetings while in that office with direct donors to the Clinton Foundation. The missing e-mails. The classified information that was loosely handled by her and her staff. 

Now speculation swirls around her very ability to physically endure the office of the presidency while getting to the real story is, again, made nearly impossible. Whether Hillary is up to the task is beside the point. Now it’s simply a matter of trust.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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  1. Security protocol would have been to take Illary straight to an ER, not to a nearby residence. The exception would be if the medical situation is reoccurring. Apparently the staff knows what to do. This is probably the first time it's been caught on video.