Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eric Trump's unanswered question

Eric Trump, the son of presidential candidate Donald Trump, asked an obvious question of the Clintons that the mainstream media seem determined to ignore. “What product were they selling to make $150 million?” he asked. It’s an interesting question. The wealth of most people can be traced to something tangible. There’s no such trail leading back to the Clinton wealth.

It’s now obvious to most everyone that the product the Clinton’s have long peddled is influence. Dick Morris told me that while in office they used money to buy influence. Now they use influence to make money.

Hillary Clinton had a private e-mail server for one purpose. To hide the tracks of the dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Like a UV lamp at a crime scene, we now clearly see the footprints leading from the State Department to the Clinton Foundation and back again, over and over. More than half of the private citizens Hillary met with at State had made donations to her Foundation. What are the chances that people meeting with any government official would, more than half the time, give to the very same charity? I’d love to have a Vegas oddsmaker run those odds.

Bill Allison, a senior fellow with the government watchdog group the Sunlight Foundation, tells the New York Post, “It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.” It’s not a direct charity, per se, rather it’s a pass-through, a conduit for other so-called charities to receive donations, like Al Sharpton’s much-maligned National Action Network. 

And there’s the impropriety. Hillary signed off on a deal while secretary of state that allowed a Russian company to control one-fifth of our uranium output in the U.S. That was after a principal in a Canadian company that was sold to the Russians gave $130 million to the Clinton Foundation.

The ‘charity’ is also top-heavy in administrative expenses and short on real giving. According to their IRS filing in 2013, they brought in $149 million that year and disbursed only $9 million to charities. 

The Clinton’s are lauded for their generous charitable giving, as gleaned from their tax returns. The problem is the charity they’re giving to is their own. Ninety-six percent of their donations went to their own charity. They not only reap the tax benefits from giving to it, they travel first class on its dime. But it’s even worse than that. 

According to the Washington Times, the little they gave to other charities came back to them in spades. For example, the Clintons gave $42,000 to a charity called the Desert Classic Charities. That charity then wrote a check to the Clinton Foundation for $700,000. Sounds like Hillary’s cattle futures windfall all over again.

All the while Hillary plays dumb on the whole server scandal. She claimed not to know what the marking ‘C’ on her e-mails meant. Instead of meaning ‘classified,’ she claimed to the FBI that she thought it referenced paragraphs in alphabetical order, despite the fact that there was no ‘A’ or ‘B’ or any other letter of the alphabet marked on the e-mail. She said she’d never received any training on how to handle classified material, but signed documents prove otherwise. And don’t forget she was intimately familiar with classified material as a United States senator.

She claimed that all work-related e-mails were turned over, but they keep popping up.

So, we’re back to Eric Trump’s question. What product is Hillary Clinton selling? The answer is obvious. Herself, and to the highest bidder.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.


  1. I would like this question asked of her at one pf the up coming Presidential debates

  2. It's a disgrace the Clintons are allowed to be free and not in prison! And another disgrace that Congress doesn't have the back bone to indict much less prosecute!