Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lessons from Ferguson

What did we learn from Ferguson?

We learned that rent-a-thugs are responsible for much of the agitation and unrest in situations like this. These professional riot organizers ride into town with an agenda. That agenda is to divide the town by race.

We learned that most of what we heard about the case before the grand jury decision was untrue. It was passed along as fact that the officer had no knowledge of Brown's strong-arm robbery just moments before and that he was stopping him for merely walking in the middle of the street. Now we know that Darren Wilson stopped Michael Brown because he matched the description of the suspect and had the proceeds of the robbery in his hand.

One liberal on Fox News the night of the decision and subsequent rioting was lamenting the fact that one out of every three black males today will go to prison in his lifetime. She called this a travesty and an injustice. She seemed to focus on the statistic rather than the reason. The reason one in three black males will go to prison is because they're committing a disproportionate amount of the crimes. Also, ninety-three percent of the murders committed by black males are committed against other blacks. Where was her sympathy for the black victims?

She acts as if we would just stop locking up black men then everything would be fine. Has anyone considered that babies being born out of wedlock might have something to do with the problem? Today, over 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers. Perhaps that has more of a bearing on one's life than perceived racism.

We learned that we are still a nation divided. If anyone thought that electing a black president would heal the wounds of racism in this country they were gravely mistaken. Matters have only gotten worse. This president and his attorney general have used their high offices to fan the flames of racism in the black community. This has been the most divisive presidency in the history of America.

Prior to the grand jury decision, Obama was meeting personally with the community agitators. I don't recall his meeting with the Ferguson police. Wonder which side he was on.

Me? I could see it going either way, based on what we knew, much of it now known to be erroneous. I was curious about the outcome but I had sympathy for both sides. The Browns lost a son, which is pain beyond comprehension. Darren Wilson's life is irreparably damaged. The story ended up not being about the shooting itself but the reaction to it. That told more about our country than anything else.

We all need to do a little soul searching. Anyone who was pulling for a decision either way needs to check themselves and face the vestiges of racism still residing in their hearts. If you were hoping for an outcome there's a reason for that feeling and it's probably not a pretty one.

It's sad but true that, at the end of the day, when all the facts were examined, the president of the United States sent emissaries to the funeral of not a symbol of oppression but a common street criminal. And the president did this all because of the racism in his heart. 

It's a lesson to learn that if you truly are for truth and justice then learn the truth before you determine the justice.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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