Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rand Paul too good to be true?

I knew it.  Just when I was starting to get excited about Rand Paul as a possible presidential contender he blows it.  As he starts to lay out positions on important issue he voiced his support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.  No matter how you try to slice it, that's amnesty and it's a non-starter with many conservatives.

Why is this issue so difficult?  We have people who broke into the country.  The only logical solution is to make them go back home and start the process over the legal way.  That's not cruel.  It's not mean-spirited.  It's a common sense approach to a gigantic problem.

George W. Bush was fond of saying we can't deport 20 million illegal aliens.  We didn't import them, we won't have to pay to deport them.  Simply demagnetize America and they choose the path of least resistance which is to go home.

We demagnetize America by cutting off the lures that brought them here in the first place: jobs and government benefits.  You crack down on employers who hire them and you make it a crime to knowingly provide government services, outside of emergency care, to someone who's in the country illegally.  It's pretty simple, really.  These folks would be packing tonight if they couldn't get a job or government benefits.  Crime would plummet.  Schools would have more money to educate citizens.  Prisons would cease to be overcrowded.

Two-thirds of the people who come up from Mexico into this country come legally.  That's right, most of the people who come to this country from Mexico come legally.  So, apparently it can be done.  The one-third that broke in needs to get the hell out and get in line.

These folks don't need a pathway to citizenship.  They need to beat a path back home.

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