Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bill Maher is finally starting to get it

Notoriously liberal television host Bill Maher may actually be starting to get it.  He complained recently that he was paying too much in taxes.  He said, "It’s outrageous what we’re paying (in California) – over 50 percent. I’m willing to pay my share, but yeah, it’s ridiculous.”

The question is no longer about fair share.  It's about reasonable spending.  Maher's point - and I'm not even sure he knows he made it - is that none of us really minds paying taxes as long as our tax dollars are being wisely spent.  Maher obviously makes millions per year and having over half of his money confiscated is starting to trouble him.

California just raised taxes on people like Bill Maher.  The implication is they're not paying their fair share.  The assumption is the government is putting that money to good use.  That assumption is now starting to crumble, even in the eyes of die-hard liberals.

The question has historically been what kind of country do we want?  Because of the reckless spending the question now is how much country can we afford?  We have enticed and trapped literally millions on government dependency. 

I was at the ACC Basketball Tournament in Greensboro recently and one of the main sponsors was the North Carolina Lottery.  They had a booth set up at the entrance where they were urging people to come over and buy a lottery ticket.  I thought of how pathetic it was that the government outlaws gambling but spends untold millions trying to lure you into gambling with them.

Our government dollars have been spent on public nuisances like housing projects which not only trap their residents in a miserable existence, they terrorize the surrounding neighborhoods with crime.  According to the Chicago Housing Authority, when they demolished these petri dishes of societal decay they saw violent crime reduced by 60 percent, property crime down almost 50 percent and gun crime reduced an astonishing 70 percent.

Like the failed green energy companies our government has chosen to back, government bureaucrats are famously horrid stewards of our money.  The poor and Bill Maher's money are much better served by private sector solutions to our problems rather than government programs that simply exacerbate them.

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