Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Everything is racist if you're a liberal

Apparently sleep depravation is racist. There’s actually something out there called Black Power Naps. They told Teen Vogue that “they were specifically experiencing a generational fatigue familiar to black people and people of color.” They say, “we inherited this exhaustion.” Now, I know you think I’m making this up, but I’m not. Exhaustion is apparently the product of slavery.

Congress is getting set to hold hearings on reparations and the historical ramifications of slavery on black Americans. Does it not strike you as strange that we haven’t had legalized slavery in this country for 155 years, but somehow slavery is responsible for anything and everything negative in the black community? Even sleep depravation and exhaustion. 

Enough with the excuses!

We can have hearings until the cows come home. You can even have reparations, which I wouldn’t recommend. Once the recipients have gone through that money we’re right back where we started. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. The single largest roadblock to the American dream is government dependence. That goes for any race or ethnic group. It just so happens that it disproportionately affects the black community.

I know it’s easy for a white man of privilege to say, but making excuses helps no one. We’ve been making excuses for decades, and the results are more and more black citizens get trapped in welfare. Not that long ago, it was just a sad statistic that a disproportionate number of black citizens were on welfare. Now the sad stat is a majority of welfare recipients are black. That should alarm us all.

The solution is not reparations. The solution is not defunding the police. The solution is a healthy economy and getting every able-bodied American off the government dole. It’s long been said that Democrats gauge their success by how many people they get on welfare, and Republicans judge their success by how many people they get off of welfare. 

It seems if you’re not all about a new government welfare program you’re somehow a racist. Ask Nancy Pelosi how many of her children or grandchildren are on welfare. I can tell you for myself I would be embarrassed if one of my kids was on welfare. Whatever happened to shame? I guess shame is racist.

But isn’t that what we’re lacking these days? I’m not saying we shouldn’t help people who can’t help themselves, but it should be a humbling experience for the recipient. Especially if you’re able to work. If you ever saw Cinderella Man, that was the most powerful scene in the movie. Boxing champ James J. Braddock stood in the welfare line for hours only to get to the window and give the money back. Think that happens today?

We need more Braddocks in the world. We need more people who reluctantly take government handouts. We need more people who are humbled by the experience, instead of feeling entitled. Dependence is a bad thing, no matter who or what you’re dependent on. Trying to get someone else to pay for your bad decisions is never a workable solution. Personal responsibility is at the heart of solving most of society’s problems. But if you insist on holding someone responsible why would it be a government that fought to end slavery?

The head of the Frederick Douglass Foundation recently had a stroke of genius. On the issue of reparations he suggested whoever was responsible for slavery, the Civil War, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws should be sued for reparations. Who would that be? The Democrat Party. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a check.

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