Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary indictment? Be careful what you wish for

Everyone’s buzzing about Hillary. No, not about her campaign. People are wondering — many hoping — she’ll be indicted for something, anything. As much as Republicans are salivating over the prospect of Hillary in leg irons, they better pray it doesn’t happen.

Have you noticed? Nobody’s excited about the idea of Hillary becoming the first female president, not even the Democrats. Especially the Democrats. In a year that would be historic, there’s just not the fervor to make history happen this year. With Obama it was palpable. Black folks, understandably, thought a black president was long overdue. Guilt-ridden white folks thought it would put racial tension behind us. Of course, it didn’t. In fact, race relations are as bad as they were in the ‘70s, all because President Obama didn’t come to heal us, he came to divide us.

So, why would a Hillary indictment be bad news for Republicans? Because Democrats love a victim. Remember how the Democrat members of Congress marched down Pennsylvania Avenue when Bill Clinton was impeached? They rallied behind Al Gore who pronounced Clinton one of the greatest presidents of all time. Forget the fact that his presidency had been unremarkable, save the scandals, all of a sudden the base was energized. The man who had victimized so many women was now playing the part of the victim.

Hillary’s people have fretted aloud that she lacks excitement. They’ve been searching for that issue that she can latch onto that will connect with the voters. Trump, on the other hand, has done just that. Illegal immigration, the issue most Republicans were afraid to tackle head-on for fear of alienating Hispanic voters, became the centerpiece of Trump’s campaign. Not only was he not afraid to tap into it, he dove in head-first from the moment he announced his candidacy, and that bold move captured the imagination of millions of disenfranchised voters the two parties had forgotten — or ignored.

Now Hillary flails about in search of something that will make people like her, something that will connect with her base like Trump has. And the FBI might just give it to her. You want to give her something to talk about on the stump? Indict her. She’ll break out the old “right wing conspiracy” mumbo jumbo. News outlets will juxtapose all these men trying to put her in jail with Hillary the “aw-shucks” female victim who didn’t know how to run a computer and now may be sent up the river for it.

Imagine for a moment Gloria Allred paraded out in front of the cameras to declare Hillary the latest victim in the Republican war on women. Although Trump will have had nothing to do with the indictment, everything he’s ever said negative about women — especially Hillary — will take on a different tone now that the loyal wife of a beloved former president is being publicly lynched right before our eyes.

Bill Kristol and others desperately search for a savior of the establishment class. They don’t really expect a third party candidate to win. They just hope he or she keeps Trump from the White House. In other words, they want Hillary. She has one thing going for her. She’s not Donald Trump. She also gives them the advantage of sitting on the sidelines for another four years while they raise money for the next RINO in what has now become a long line of mushy middle losers. 

No doubt, Kristol et al. are hoping for an indictment because they surely know what I know. And after her election, a full and unconditional presidential pardon.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.


  1. If she is indicted before the election, Hussein O will give her a pardon. I expect Trump will do the same if he wins the election. But what happens if she wins in November and the indictment comes down after Hussein O leaves office?....... Oh! Another executive order!

  2. The state dept won't do anything to Clinton until after the election? Again, I say, nothing will be done to her for committing a crime the average joe would get life for. Americans better hope she's not elected!

  3. I believe Hillary was cutting deals for donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for information (classified or not); information that was provided via her personal email server and picked up by hackers. This gives her a way to deny she knowingly participated. I also think Obama will pardon her from any illegal activity during her time as Secretary of State.

  4. The whole country is just sick of this whole email crap. None of you were screaming, crying, and kicking your little feet when Colin Powell was using a private email server or when George Bush hid millions of emails in direct violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978. If that is all you've got to win against Hillary then I hate to break the news but you have to come up with some new material. You are doing the equivalent of beating a dead horse.

  5. Colin Powell used a private server that was vetted by the state department and when Bush did it there weren't any guidelines on how to handle information on a network device. Rules were put in place then laws followed to protect everyone from mistakes made. Hillary not only signed off on some of these laws she was in a position to full enforce them yet she chose to violate then hide then lie.

  6. Lacks excitement but full of excrement...what a double standard. Love the show Uncle Phil! Come over to the car shop sometime and set for a spell. Down there where Yesterday sits.