Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The fix was in on amnesty

Republicans never planned to stop President Obama’s unilateral amnesty. So says Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. He told reporters, “The cake was baked from the start.” He said he knew all along Republicans wouldn’t vote to defund the Department of Homeland Security with ISIS on the March. He was right.

This whole amnesty debacle is yet another example of how the GOP has chosen to punt rather than tackle the most pressing issues before them: amnesty and Obamacare. They’ve had multiple opportunities to defund both but they refuse to. Instead, they pass meaningless show bills designed to get them on record as having voted against both so they can claim to their constituents that they’re doing all they can. Well, they’re not.

The problem is in the leadership. Neither Mitch McConnell in the Senate nor John Boehner in the House has any intention of dismantling Obamacare or amnesty. There’s a new wave of frustration sweeping the nation which gave us a new slate of tea party senators and congressmen but the old guard of the GOP is still intact and that’s where the problem is.

It’s obvious now what’s going on. McConnell and Boehner love these problems of Obamacare and amnesty as campaign issues. So much so that they want to keep them around for each new election. Then when each new Congress gets underway, they trot out bills to repeal both, which quietly die a natural death, and the issue is preserved to stoke another round of voters.

This is the way things work in Washington. It’s not how they work in the real world. In the real world, we solve problems every day. Sales are down? We find out why and we fix it. Employee productivity is down? We find out why and we fix it. Most Americans are solving problems at work on a daily basis so why can’t Congress solve anything?

Again, some issues are more suited for vote-trolling than they are solving. We should expect more. We deserve better.

The two issues are quite simple to solve. First, with amnesty, you block any funding for this illegal executive action. If that means parts of the government get shut down then so be it. Hopefully, the Supreme Court is going to step in before long and have their say about this executive branch overreach. Once that’s settled then you demagnetize America. The illegals came here for the benefits and the jobs. You cut those off. They will take the path of least resistance, which is back home. You completely seal the border then you start processing people the right way. Background checks, criminal searches, you look for terrorist ties, diseases. Once people have been cleared and there are sufficient jobs waiting to support them, you let those you’ve screened back in.

On Obamacare, it’s just going to have to be ripped out by the roots. We popped a pimple with a sledge hammer. Yeah, there were some folks falling through the cracks. We could’ve rolled them into Medicaid and been done with it. Instead, this president and the complicit Congress at the time completely revamped the entire healthcare system. They moved it away from a market solution and into a government solution.

The problem all along with healthcare is we’ve disconnected the patient from the service with cheap co-pays for medicine and doctor’s visits. Insurance should be reserved for the big stuff, like your car or homeowner’s insurance. You don’t use your homeowner’s to get the grass mowed.

Problems are pretty easy to solve, if you have folks who really want to solve them.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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