Monday, January 26, 2015

The left is sniped by 'American Sniper'

Why all the surprise over the success of the movie American Sniper? When the trailers first started running on TV I thought they were some of the most intense promotions of a movie I had ever seen. The critics were saying Bradley Cooper gave a performance of a lifetime. Then the movie hit the screens and the left went nuts.

Seth Rogen, who was at the center of the recent North Korea/Sony hacking story, said the movie looked like a Nazi propaganda piece. According to The Daily Caller, one member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that awards the Oscars said Kyle seems like he may be a sociopath.As it turns out, this particular member hadnt seen the movie, which is typical for many who vote on which movie gets the best picture award. It looks like actually seeing all the nominated films might be a requirement.

What upsets these leftists is the fact that the film makes a hero out of a hero. They say it glorifies war but war can be a glorious thing if youre on the right side. Thats where the ambiguity sets in. Leftists arent sure were on the right side when it comes to fighting radical Islam. In fact, many including our commander-in-chief wont even call it radical Islam. They say these terrorists are cultists who have nothing to do with Islam. Well, if thats the case, why do they and the ACLU insist that Gitmo and other detention centers cater to their every need regarding Islam? If these terrorists arent really Muslim then lets stop this nonsense of providing them Korans and bowing down to their dietary demands. Forget the prayer rugs and allowing them to pray five times a day.

Obviously, we regard these terrorists as Muslim. Its only those who are willfully blind who deny it. Thats not to say that all Muslims are terrorists but these days most terrorists are Muslim. Can you imagine our not giving a German living among us a second thought during World War II? But thats the very essence of political correctness. Its about flying in the face of logic and common sense. The PCers love to defy conventional wisdom, as if their wisdomis somehow superior because it doesnt employ stereotypes.

The first strike against American Sniper was the fact that it was produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. Clints a conservative and doesnt really care who knows it. Remember his famous talking to the empty chairspeech at the Republican National Convention? Why, he dared mock the Dalai Bama, an unforgivable sin in Hollywood. The fact that American Sniper garnered six Academy Award nominations is a wonder in and of itself. But its a testament to the power of the film and the story it tells. Thats what the Hollywood leftists really hate. This story was so strong that even they couldnt ignore it, and now some among them find it irresistible to bash.

The irony is Chris Kyle, the central figure in American Sniper, was fighting to preserve the rights of people like Seth Rogen to do what they do. As we saw in the threat from North Korea to blow up theaters, terrorists will do anything to quash dissent. Its people like Kyle who risk their lives every day to take down the terrorists before they take us down. Michael Moore called Kyle a coward.How ironic that this slovenly, soft leftist fires shots at heroes from behind a Constitution that people like Kyle protect with their blood, their limbs, and their very lives.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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