Monday, September 9, 2013

Climate change is real...but it's also natural

Each summer supply barges arrive in the remote area of the Amundsen Gulf in the Canadian Northwest Territories to bring supplies of fuel and other necessities.  This year the barges are being held up by ice.  Yes, ice in the Arctic in the summer.  Back in 2007 Professor Weislaw Maslowski told an American Geophysical Union meeting that by the summer of 2013 there would be no more sea ice in the Arctic.  He used so-called supercomputers to reach his conclusion.

Flash forward and here we are.  The global warming alarmists took Maslowski's prediction as gospel and worked the media up into a frenzy yet as summer comes to a close about 40 percent of the Arctic Ocean remains covered in ice.  Of course, Maslowski isn't the first to get it wrong.  There are about 73 climate models out there and all of them have been predicting higher temperatures due to more manmade CO2 in the atmosphere.  Now that we've had time to study these models and compare them to satellite temperature data from as far back as 1979 when we first starting tracking temperature with satellites we find that every single model has been wrong.  Every single one.

But that hasn't stopped the climate change hysterics.  The Center for Climate and Security is now claiming that the Syrian uprising is due, at least in part, to manmade climate change.  They argue that a five-year drought from 2006-2011 caused serious "food insecurity" which led to the uprising.  It couldn't have been the Arab Spring that was sweeping the region or al Qaeda's infiltration of the rebel movement.  It couldn't be that Saudi Arabia is funding the rebel cause in an effort to topple the Assad regime.  It must be due to manmade global warming.  Like droughts are something new to the Middle East or anywhere else.

As the evidence piles up against them the global warming alarmists just up their shrill rhetoric.  The melting ice in the Arctic was their last hope of scaring the producing nations out of their money.  (Of course, they never mention that ice has been growing in Antarctica so whatever's happening couldn't be global)  Now their predictions for the Arctic Ocean are shown to be overblown and made up.  Just like their predictions about polar bears, hurricanes and temperatures linked to CO2.

Facts, like the ice in the Arctic, are stubborn things.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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