Friday, June 21, 2013

Stop overcomplicating the illegal immigration problem

House Speaker John Boehner has drawn a line in the sand on the Senate’s Gang of 8 bill or any bill, for that matter, that deals with illegal immigration.  He will follow the Hastert Rule.  The Hastert Rule, named for former Speaker Dennis Hastert, means that a bill will not be brought up for a vote unless it has majority support from the majority.  In other words, a majority of Republicans would have to support a particular bill before Boehner would allow a vote.

Of course, had Boehner invoked the Hastert Rule before we wouldn’t have seen a tax increase.

I’m, quite frankly, sick and tired of hearing that the illegal immigration problem is complicated.  It’s very simple.  If you broke into this country you have to leave and apply to come in the right way.  Ah, but we can’t deport 11 million people, they say.  That’s ridiculous.  We didn’t pay to import them, we won’t have to pay to deport them.  All we have to do is do what I’ve been advocating for at least ten years: Demagnetize America.

You cut off the magnets that brought these people here.  Why did they come in the first place?  Because of the magnets; the jobs and the government benefits.  You cut those off and they go home.  If the penalty for hiring an illegal alien is you lose your business license then you would never risk hiring an illegal alien.  This needs to be a federal law.  We make E-Verify mandatory.  E-Verify is a program run by Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.  It is Internet-based, simple to use and free.  In a matter of seconds an employer can check on a potential employee and make sure they’re legal.  If there’s a problem the employee has 8 business days to present the proper documentation to straighten the problem out.  Many states are already using this for state employees and it’s the law of the land for federal employees.

With E-Verify there is no excuse in hiring an illegal alien.  If the penalty is the loss of your business you’ll make double sure you’re hiring only legal workers.  If we also make it illegal to provide government benefits to illegal aliens other than emergency services then the problem is solved overnight.

Think about it.  If you were told by your employer that you could not work in this state any longer what would you do?  You’d pack up immediately and move to another state.  That’s what we do with Demagnetize America.  We give all of the illegals and their employers six months to put their personal and financial affairs in order then we start cracking down.  Simultaneously, we secure the borders.  We put some of that drone technology to good use – unarmed, of course.  We bring our boys back from Afghanistan and we put them on the border doing something that directly affects our national security.  The drug-running stops.  The terrorists stop sneaking across our borders.  The illegals who are here go home and anyone coming to this country comes the right way.

The unemployment problem all but evaporates.  With people back to work we’re able to drastically cut the welfare programs and get the economy moving.  If only Congress were proposing all of this.  What we’re trying to do is to stop them from making the problem even worse by legalizing 11 to 20 million illegal aliens.

The good news is John Boehner is standing between us and a country-crippling illegal immigration law.  The bad news is only John Boehner is standing between us and a country-crippling illegal immigration law.


  1. Phil, can you raise the money to put up billboards on all the roads and interstates that say Demagnetize AMERICA and put your talking points on it? I am so sick of dealing with illegals who with critical medical issues refuse to return home to "Mexico", but also must be treated due to our laws...who have no legal resources as an outpatient...and make situations that cannot be fixed.

  2. Doesn't reality suck? Here's what I think is happening...'
    and there's noting we can do about it. You see, Tinkerbell is going to use her magic wand to make this plan work.

    Phil, I like your logic, even though there are consequences for the innocent. But like I said, reality sucks. If we allow everyone to come to this country unabated, we'll all go down the tubes and there'll be no shining light in the world. No example to teach other nations how to improve their own conditions. No inspiration to improve their own country.

  3. Hold on there, Phil. There's another equally bad thing about the immigration bill - the doubling of immigration rates for the next 10 years. Doubling of legal immigration has a short-term (at least 10 yrs) negative impact on employment of American citizens, i.e. any gains in jobs numbers would still result in increasing unemployment numbers because the job seeker numbers will increase even more. Even the CBO recognized this, albeit their stupid analysis was so convulated it was difficult to see this point. We don't need more job seekers, in particular those in STEM fields. Many of the immigrants with technical skills received their education/training in their home country free-of-charge or at such a low cost it might as well be free, while here we have students taking large debt to prepare for the same jobs - and then not have one available when they get out. This is the biggest travesty of the immigration bill!

  4. Phil, even though I don't agree with everything you say, and sometimes I get downright angry. I listen to you religously on WCOA, in south Alabama. I wish you would run for POTUS. Obama is an idiot and has no business running this country. I totally agree with you on the immigration thing. Thanks for being on the radio.

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