Friday, April 12, 2013

Forgive them, Margaret, for they know not what they do

No sooner was Margaret Thatcher dead than the vile leftists were out in the street popping champagne and celebrating.  And the further to the left the more vicious they became.  They chanted disgusting slogans and waved pre-printed banners.  They had been waiting – and preparing – for this moment for years.

I even saw an e-mail from some Internet radio station in the UK gleefully soliciting for anti-Thatcher songs to play.  “Rejoice!  Oh Happy Day!  Hallelujah!” read the headline.  “What wonderful news – the most evil woman in the world is roasting in hell tonight!!” the e-mail read.

So, why is the left so thrilled at the passing of the UK’s first female prime minister?  It has little to do with what she did that directly impacted England during her time in office, although they would like you to think as much.  It’s more what she did for the world.

Together with Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II she brought an end to the Soviet Union.  The USSR was the communist world’s shining beacon of hope.  It represented not only a collectivist utopia but a clear and distinct alternative to capitalism.  Leftists, even in the United States, had begun to believe that it would reign for a thousand years.  They believed it was living proof that communism worked.  That competition was evil.  That capitalism’s days were numbered.

Then suddenly it ended in a whimper.  The mighty empire that enslaved a generation and, through brute force, subjugated half of Europe into a hypnotic state of mediocrity, brainwashing millions into believing that striving for excellence was sophistry, was gone in the blink of an eye.  The wall that physically and symbolically separated east from west came tumbling down.  The appeasers who thought it wise to humble themselves in the presence of the evil empire rather than stand up to it were made to look like the spineless fools they really were.

Dedicating your life to the “greater good” from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs was believed by the self-anointed enlightened ones to be a noble expenditure of one’s existence.  Rugged individualism, self-reliance and a life spent pursuing happiness were thought to be crass, selfish, even grotesque.  Those who strove to create a world in which everything was fair found themselves ironically clinging to a system of government in which everything was equally unfair and equally miserable.

Tens of millions were killed during the Soviet Union’s reign of terror, far more than the brutal Nazis ever dreamed of killing.  Those so eager to dance on Thatcher’s grave would’ve been shot for such a disrespectful display against any Soviet leader.

Yet there they were, dancing in the streets like some acid-crazed lunatics devoid of even an ounce of decency because nothing in their lives is decent.  At the end of the day these pathetic provocateurs and self-proclaimed protectors of the proletariat are all about one thing: themselves.  The name of the game is getting the government to support them so they don’t have to contribute a thing.  Not that they’re even capable.

And even some who are capable got sucked into the vortex of vulgarity because they fancy themselves as ordinary citizens – as their private jets scuttle them along to their next rock concert or philanthropic cocktail party.

No, life is not fair.  It’s not fair that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher snatched Britain from the jaws of economic depression.  That she saved countless millions from the hard underside of the jack boot of totalitarianism. That she gave hope once again to the hopeless.

That this is the thanks she gets.

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  1. Phil: PLEASE mount some kind of public pressure on the liberal cartoonist Clay Bennett for the vile, disgusting cartoon he published implying Margaret Thatcher is in hell rather than heaven (April 10, 2013; Chattanooga TimesFreePress. I guarantee you if anyone did the same cartoon about Obama, Jesse Jackson, or any other liberal icon they would be villified in the mainstream press, and groups would be pushing to have that person fired.
    I can only pray we find more Thatcher-like leaders to fix this country and the world in general, but wether or not you agree, disrespecting her death like this is the act of a truly disgusting person. I hope that newspaper and your community are, at bare minimum, ashamed of him, and loudly proclaim this!