Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Is it time for Mueller to go?

Outlets like The Daily Beast are panting over prospects of impeachment for President Trump. What has them so excited? The firing of Andy McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI. They believe the firing of McCabe means the dismissal of Robert Mueller is just a matter of time. Trump would be foolish to fire Mueller. More on that in a moment, but Trump didn’t fire McCabe. He was already being allowed a graceful way out by retiring. Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on the advice of the inspector general because McCabe leaked sensitive information to the press then lied about it under oath.

(Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)
We’re starting to see a picture of what McCabe was up to at the FBI. I won’t call it a conspiracy, but it appears McCabe, Peter Strzok, and his mistress, Lisa Page, coordinated to try and keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office. When he won in spite of their efforts they attempted to bring him down. That’s nothing less than an attempted coup d’├ętat.

Ironically, that’s where all this Russia investigation is leading. Liberals have been out of their minds with rage against this president ever since the election. They’ve been hanging their hopes on the Mueller investigation to right the perceived wrongs of the electoral process. What these short-thinking people don’t realize is a President Pence would be their worst nightmare. I’ve even seen surveys where an alarming number of these people actually believe Hillary Clinton would get to be president if Trump were removed from office. Their ignorance is breathtaking.

The further Mueller digs the more we realize that there was no collusion with Russia by Trump or his campaign. What we do learn is there was an insatiable desire by so many—including some inside the FBI—to make it so. That’s why it’s imperative that the president not interfere with the Mueller investigation.

Were Trump to fire Mueller he would forever be labeled a Nixonian character who used his office to keep the wolves at bay and cling to his power. If Trump does fire Mueller it will be because the investigation has dragged on ridiculously long with nothing to show for it. It’s a huge distraction to the White House and Trump’s agenda to get America back on the right track. There are still those Republicans in Congress who hold out hope that Trump will be impeached. They continue to stonewall on some of the more contentious issues like building a wall. With the Mueller investigation over they’ll be resigned to the fact that Trump will be in office for at least the next three years. Holding the ball for that long would no longer be an option.

Let Mueller finish, but finish he must. The only question is what is a reasonable timeframe? Trump is not known for his patience. That’s one of the traits that pushes him to get things done. I would think Mueller should surely be finished by the end of this summer. If he’s not, it may be time for Trump to make his case to the American people that Mueller either put up or shut up.

The liberals are lying in wait for him to do something foolish that they can hang around his neck. Firing Mueller prematurely would be one of those foolish things. If President Trump is confident that Mueller will never find anything illegal then he should have the good sense to let the process play out. Doing otherwise will create a crisis of confidence with his administration.

And imagine what November looks like if Mueller ultimately finds absolutely nothing.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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