Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are we as divided as the media portray us?

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton tells GQ we’re beyond race, as a nation. The release of the interview happened to coincide with the burning of Milwaukee over the shooting of a black thug by a black police officer. In light of all the Black Lives Matter violence, is Cam right?

I think he is.

That’s hard to jibe with what’s happening in many cities across the nation, but it’s not when it’s put into perspective. Despite the Divider-in-Chief in the White House, I truly believe people are sick and tired of hearing about race. The very fact that we have a black president should be evidence enough that we’re over it. The only ones obsessed with race are the media and the liberals. Their reasons are now obvious. They thrive on division. The liberals have nothing else to stoke their base. The media have nothing else to draw viewers. When cities like Milwaukee burn, people tune in to cable news in droves.

And it’s not because we’re particularly obsessed with race. It’s the traditional fascination we humans have with disaster, any disaster. That’s why CNN milked the Malaysian airlines crash long past when it was either relevant or decent. The heart of any good story is conflict and racial conflict is just easier to conjure up.

Understand that Black Lives Matter was totally manufactured by cable news and social media sites. The movement was getting no traction whatsoever until the liberals who run both decided to make it important. The BLM Manifesto that was released recently exposes the movement for what it really is. It’s a limited number of malcontents who somehow still believe they’re owed something from white America.

News flash: We’re over you. And by ‘we’ I mean all Americans, of all colors.

We’re sick of the whining. We’re sick of the division. We’re sick of little weenies with service monkeys frantically searching for a safe space. We’re sick of political correctness and race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. We’re just sick of the whole mess.

As football season approaches, nothing proves this point better than our rabid love — or hatred — for the players and the teams. Our passion is color-blind. If you’re a Panthers fan, you love Cam Newton, I don’t care what color you are. If you’re a fan of a rival, then you think he’s a cocky SOB who got his comeuppance at the last Super Bowl.

You have to be a die-hard Browns fan to not think Johnny Manziel is a complete idiot. And now that he’s left Cleveland, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a fan of any color.

The Olympics are always a welcome reminder that race doesn’t matter. The only colors we cheer for are red, white, and blue. OK, I may have celebrated the green, black, and gold of Jamaica when Usain Bolt crossed the finish line in the 100 meter. Yeah, I know he’s cocky, but there’s just something about him.

We don’t celebrate race at the Olympics (unless you’re a leftist member of the media). We celebrate excellence. There are no quotas. There are no set-asides or affirmative action. It simply comes down to who is the best. What a beautiful thing. Unless, of course, you’re one of those weenie parents who thinks everybody should get a trophy. There’s gold, silver, and bronze. That’s it.

I even saw a guy disqualified for literally jumping the gun in a race. Four years of training and he’s sent packing in one second. And he was black! Where’s Al Sharpton when we need him?

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Phil Valentine Show.

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  1. When Hussein O so arrogantly spoke "The poelice acted stupidly" I predicted his time in office would bring the most racial division in the country since the 60s. Appears I was right. The left has and continues to connect with the likes of Jackson and Sharpton to further the agenda knowing full well violence will follow. The libs are following George Soros' agenda like a bunch of sheep: Overload the system with refugees and, racial divide and manipulate the media. It's working in Europe and it will work here if we don't turn it around. We will never return from 4/8 more years of the Hussein O/Clinton plan to transform America.