Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Great Walmart of China


Dear Mr. McMillon:

I would like to first say that I'm not a big fan of the confederate flag although I do support people's right to own it and fly it. I also support your right not to sell it. However, something you said on CNN has stayed with me. You said, "We just don't want to sell products that make anyone uncomfortable."

Mr. McMillon, I've felt uncomfortable about some of your products and I figure now is the time to let you know about it so maybe you can stop selling those items, too.

I don't have precise numbers but best estimates are between and 70 and 90 percent of your products are made in China. I do hope you're aware that China is governed by a brutal communist regime that has killed millions of its own people and has enslaved or imprisoned millions more.

Consider this:

And if you think that's all history, think again.

  • Amnesty International says today countless numbers of Chinese are routinely rounded up and sent to 'Re-education Camps' for up to four years for doing something as innocent as speaking out against their government.
  • China continues to persecute people for their religious beliefs.
  • China continues to torture innocent citizens.
  • China continues to control information to its people through Internet and media suppression.
Two years ago a woman in Oregon bought Halloween decorations and found a note inside from a Chinese worker. It asked the recipient to send the letter to the "World Human Right Organization" saying that "thousands people here who are under the persicution (sic) of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever."

Ironically, when one was able to buy the General Lee car from the TV show Dukes of Hazzard in your stores, it was made in China.

In light of what I've just laid out, it's apparent that the words 'Made in China' are far more offensive than any flag could ever be. Unless, of course, that flag happens to belong to the People's Republic of China. Which is for sale right now where? At Walmart.


Phil Valentine
Talk Show Host
Westwood One Radio Network


  1. Amazing letter and logic. Thank you!

  2. BTW, I haven't researched this to see if all that is said here is true, but it is another perspective to consider in the ongoing debate and recent news about the Confederate battle flag.

  3. A first rate letter, Phil. But for God's sake, keep it out of the hands of the Supreme Court. For there, the language will be changed, the facts ignored and the nation of China undoubtedly awarded countless millions for pain and suffering by means of a previously unknown tax.

  4. Just one of the many examples of why I LOVE Phil Valentine! This logic and letter rocks!! Go Phil!

  5. And what about the enslavement of 100 million Africans by this USA? America is all ways talking about the inhuman treatment of peoples by other countries. No other country have dehumanize people more than the USA. Africans and other minorities in this country and abroad have endured more hatred and injustice than all other countries. White American have infected this entire World. Everywhere White Americans and other Anglo Saxons in this world have been have shown distrust and betrayal. Unless of course you need help with your terrorist take over, or what you call WAR. So count your country when adding to the disrespect and hatred for human dignity and life. And we won't even start on the stealing of America. Shame on you! Typical racist.

    1. No wonder you posted as 'anonymous.' You're not only gutless, you're completely wrong. You hate all white people and you have the gall to call me a racist. Classic.

  6. America sold it's soul to China, Don't get mad because they now own our asses. That come from a greedy ass country (USA). Now all your crap have caught up with you. How does it feel?

    1. "Now all your crap have caught up with you?" Where'd you learn to speak/write?