Wednesday, April 15, 2015

College Sex Week, and you're paying for it

Well, Sex Week just concluded at the UT Knoxville. Yeah, Sex Week. They got the idea from Brown University. If you want to emulate an Ivy League school, this ain’t the way to do it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem teaching kids about sex but if you haven’t learned from classroom instruction by the time you’ve reached college you’re probably self taught. Some of the classes were merely using juvenile innuendo, like the one titled ‘Road Head: The Roll of the Automobile in American Sexuality.’ Others were more in-your face, like ‘Your Hair Down There: Pubic Hair Removal and Genital Self-Image.’ Genital self-image? My generation never gave that a second thought. 

Megan Andelloux, one of the
'professors' at Sex Week
And before you jump to the conclusion that I’m some prudish dinosaur, I have a smokin’-hot wife (still on my first) and three boys so I’ll put my credentials up against any of these ‘professors’ teaching these classes. It’s not about sex, per se, it’s about what’s appropriate for kids, some of whom were going to their first dance just last year. One class asked this question: ‘Looking for a more perfect union of you and your partner’s desires?’ Then it gets more explicit from there, encouraging college kids to express what turns them on in the bedroom to their partners. Why are we encouraging people with no jobs and their whole lives ahead of them to have sex and maybe start out their working lives with a little bambino? Oh, that’s right, these same ‘professors’ probably have the local abortion clinic on speed dial.

‘What if you could make a job out of studying sex?’ one class asks. It then goes on to extoll the virtues of being a condom-tester or doing research on the ‘hook-up culture.’ Yet another class was about sexual fantasies. ‘What gets you off?’ the syllabus asked. And what sex week would be complete without a class titled, ‘Batteries Not Included.’ I’m sure you can figure out what that one’s all about. And just to throw a bone to anyone who might object to all this madness, there was a class on abstinence. 

Sex Week at UT concluded with ‘the most popular event at Sex Week,’ a drag show. Not sure what guys dressing up as women has to do with sex. Maybe it doubles your chances of getting a date.

My question is, how much of our tax and/or tuition dollars went into this event? And why did our tax and/or tuition dollars go into this event? I get a sneaking suspicion that some of these so-called ‘professors’ might be using this as an opportunity to hook up with college kids.

I tweeted my outrage about the event and lo and behold the organizers blocked me from reading their tweets on Twitter. I didn’t even know you could do that! Shows you how open they are to outside prying eyes. Not too mention how adult they are.

Sex Week is part of a growing trend at UT. In case you didn’t know, all incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to go through a global warming indoctrination class. Required! It’s not that I oppose my kids being taught this rot gut. I just think there should be a little balance. Especially since I’m paying an arm and a leg to send two kids there. Again, I guess they’re trying to be Ivy League. Missed it by that much.

Google Sex Week UTK and take a look around. I think you’ll agree there doesn’t need to be a Sex Week 2016.

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  1. Well, damn. I thought every week was sex week. No?