Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Motherboard of all hysteria

I was reading a piece from some website called Motherboard and I actually had to pause and laugh. It was as if I were reading a parody piece but they were dead serious.  The headline read, “We Have Five Years to Stop Building Coal Plants and Gas-Powered Cars.” How long have they been telling us we were running out of time? For decades now. Some elected official in Canada said we only had hours left to save the planet. That was several years ago.

Lord Christopher Monckton was a policy advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He closely follows this global warming debate and points out that the earth has not warmed in 215 months. That’s 17 years, 11 months. To put it into
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perspective, high school seniors who will graduate this year have never experienced a warming globe in their lifetimes. Yet there they are at it once again trying to convince people that we only have until 2018 to stop manufacturing cars and, if we don’t, it’ll all be over by 2019.

Pretty scary stuff if only it were true. The dirt people have latched onto another catch phrase: carbon budget. They say that our yearly carbon budget is 1,000 billion tons of CO2. How they measure CO2 tonnage is suspicious to start with but they warn us that if we top 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide then we’ll push the temperature up over 2 degrees C of warming which, as Motherboard puts it, will threaten “the survival of many people living on the planet.”

This is total hogwash, of course, but they conveniently ignore the facts. Having not warmed in nearly 18 years, the earth is certainly in no danger of overheating yet the emissions of CO2 continue unabated. Hmm. The word “correlation” comes to mind. Haven’t we been told for years that there’s a direct correlation between the emissions of carbon dioxide — which they love to just call “carbon” because it sounds so sinister — and an increase in temperatures? If we haven’t warmed for nearly two decades, where’s the correlation?

There’s not one. That’s the problem. A lot of people are standing there with egg on their face. They’re totally invested in this manmade global warming nonsense to the point that they have to do — and say — anything they can to save face. It’s becoming painfully apparent that it’s too late which means they simply crank up the volume.

Typical of these scare pieces like we find in Motherboard, they always include a picture of a couple of smokestacks emitting plumes of “pollution” into the air to kill us all. In reality, what we see coming from those smokestacks is water vapor. Harmless water vapor. It’s the same thing you see coming from an electronic cigarette but many anti-smoking advocates want the e-cigarettes treated just like regular cigarettes. Common sense would tell you that water vapor and smoke are two totally different things but those whose lives are led by undistilled emotion cannot or will not distinguish the difference.

So it is with “pollution.” There’s real pollution, which is in smog. Nasty things like sulfur dioxide and ground-level ozone. This is the haze that hangs over big cities, especially LA where many of these dirt people reside. There’s one thing absent from smog. It’s CO2. Yeah, there’s no carbon dioxide in smog, yet we’re led to believe that CO2 is the leading pollutant in the world today. Like they’re trying to tell us that we have to stop making cars in the next five years. Like we’re dumb enough to believe them. 

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